The blog shortcut, February 27 edition
Photo by Jon Solomon.

The blog shortcut, February 27 edition

This is the world as we know it.

Today in Backbeat Online:Last Night's Show: Broken Spindles, Born in the Flood, Iuengliss at hi-dive. • Last Night's Show: A Shoreline Dream, Moonspeed, Sonnenblume at the Bluebird. • Last Night's Show: Andrew Bird at the Ogden. • DJ Vajra rocks Denver Nuggets crowd. • Scott Davies intervenes in police chase gone bad last night.

Today in Cafe Society:Eat, drink and be scary this weekend. • Candy Girls: IKEA Chocolate Bars. • Making vanilla to pay the bills: a talk with an ice cream alchemist. • The Blinking Light grows its own... beef?

Today in The Latest Word:News flash: Rocky Mountain News kicks Denver Post's ass one last time. • The thoughts of one outgoing Rocky Mountain News staffer. • Finally, proof Boulderites weren't always vegetarians. • Dude, where's my lawyer? Francis "lawyer rat" Pignatelli officially banned from Colorado courts. • Shmuck of the Week: Dave Schultheis (again). He's the gift that keeps on giving.


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