The blog shortcut, February 27 edition

The blog shortcut, February 27 edition
Photo by Jon Solomon.

This is the world as we know it.

Today in Backbeat Online:

Last Night's Show: Broken Spindles, Born in the Flood, Iuengliss at hi-dive.

Last Night's Show: A Shoreline Dream, Moonspeed, Sonnenblume at the Bluebird.

Last Night's Show: Andrew Bird at the Ogden.

DJ Vajra rocks Denver Nuggets crowd.

Scott Davies intervenes in police chase gone bad last night.

Today in Cafe Society:

Eat, drink and be scary this weekend.

Candy Girls: IKEA Chocolate Bars.

Making vanilla to pay the bills: a talk with an ice cream alchemist.

The Blinking Light grows its own... beef?

Today in The Latest Word:

News flash: Rocky Mountain News kicks Denver Post's ass one last time.

The thoughts of one outgoing Rocky Mountain News staffer.

Finally, proof Boulderites weren't always vegetarians.

Dude, where's my lawyer? Francis "lawyer rat" Pignatelli officially banned from Colorado courts.

Shmuck of the Week: Dave Schultheis (again). He's the gift that keeps on giving.

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