The blog shortcut, January 15 edition

In case you're curious...

Today in Cafe Society:

Buffalo to go.

A wake for Auld Dubliner.

Chef Bradford Heap to give it a go in Boulder.

Veggie Girl takes a bite of Parsley.

I can only hope you get some "Yes Pecan."

In the neighborhood: The Fainting Goat.

Today in Backbeat Online:

Details of Jon Snodgrass's new album revealed.

Mile High Fidelity playlist 01-14-09.

Mile High Makeout: Making connections.

Mile High Makeout: New EP from Dualistics.

Q&A with Jonathan Coulton.

Mr. Midas connects with SP Double for mixtape banger.

3Oh!3 might be on TNT tonight.

Beatport gets new and improved next week.

Today in The Latest Word:

Suggestions for Denver's new B-Cycle bike-sharing program.

Rocky Mountain News gets temporary reprieve.

Colorado Media Matters' Bill Menezes meets Alex Trebek.

Kenny Be's Worst-Case Scenario: more cool Obama Inauguration souveniers for you.

Salazar hearing a lovefest among chums. Group hug!

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