The blog shortcut, January 22 edition

The blog shortcut, January 22 edition

Click yo fingers.

Today in Backbeat Online:Q&A with Adele. • James Han's solo sortie. • Leo Kottke, Shawn Colvin highlight RootsFest. • Q&A with William Elliott Whitmore. • Cacheflow teams with Brer Rabbit for dubby goodness.

Today in Cafe Society:PETA in the news again: "Sea Kitten" campaign making me hungry. • Another one bites the dust at 3090 Downing. • Pizzeria Mundo: Here we go again...Veggie Girl: brunch at Bistro Vendome.

Today in The Latest Word:Mother Nature screw urban snowboarders at Denver's Ruby Hill Park. • College journalist David McSwane strikes again. • The resurrection of Tom Strickland. • Could a bromance be in Jay Cutler's future?Rocky Mountain News scribes get self-reflective. Mirror them.

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