The blog shortcut, July 15 edition

Put up your dukes.

Today in Backbeat Online:

Danielle Ate the Sandwich: Better than a bag of poop on fire!

Last Night: Paul Sprawl at the Laughing Goat in Boulder.

Hearsay bits: City Hall, Speakeasy Tiger, Torch the Wagon, Patrick Porter, Magic Cyclops.

The Mars Volta and Yeah Yeah Yeahs to headline Monolith.

When DJ Dragon wins, everybody wins!

Today in Cafe Society:

Tonight: Frasca chef competes on Top Chef: Masters.

Ask the readers: What's a restaurant screw-up worth?

Guess where I'm eating?

Our Weekly Bread: Tony's Market.

Today in The Latest Word:

CSU's Japan earthquake test: best experiment ever.

American Idol auditions: It's all over but the regrets.

Kenny Be's Worst-Case Scenario: The differences between Ward Churchill and Vance Fulkerson.

Update: Is there a movement to free biking champ/accused pot broker Missy Giove?

Nerdivore: David Sirota's nerd blog now open to the nerdy public. No need to push and shove; there's plenty of nerdiness for everyone.

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