The blog shortcut, July 20 edition

The Black Keys played the Fox on Friday night.
The Black Keys played the Fox on Friday night.

It's all going to pot.

Today in The Latest Word: - Live-blogging the medical marijuana hearings. - Mile High Music Festival roundup. - Mile High Murder in Commerce City. - Jared Polis: Not playing nice, standing up for the little big guy. - Ragin' Hummer driver.

Today in Backbeat Online: - Over the weekend: The Black Keys at The Fox - Danielle Ate the Sandwich on the T.V. box - This week's local music radio playlists. - The Beastie Boys' MCA has cancer.

Today in Cafe Society: - The Wazee turns 35. -Goodbye, Rib Shack. - Ask the critic: Late Night Eats. - Mixology at Taste of the Nation - The Market Report

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