The blog shortcut, July 21 edition

There's a whole lot more where that came from.

Today in Backbeat Online: -Shake it like a polaroid picture, Suzanne from honeyhoney. -And many, many more photos. -Yo La Tengo and some other bands are coming. -Danielle Ate the Sandwich on TV: Still awkward, still awesome. -Free music!

Today in The Latest Word: -Brandon Marshall will be gracing us with his presence in order to get paid. Goody. -Lawyers gone wild. -Cops gone wild, too, pulling a gun over slow service. -Blinky turns 88. -Twitter Tuesday is here. -No time like the present to hop on the Inside the Rockies bandwagon.

Today in Cafe Society: -The Cherry Cricket is doing quite well. -Malaysian snacks at Civic Center Eats. -Jason Sheehan has some scolding to do. Can you guess the target of his ire? -Three square deals: Mexican, wine, and a whole lot of threes. -Denver welcomes a new farmers market.


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