The blog shortcut, July 22 edition

We're straight Troubleshooting.

Today in The Latest Word: -Take some advice from Tom Martino by not investing in Tom Martino. -Can Leeroy Jenkins, everyone's favorite World of Warcraft character, find a home in the upcoming film? -Dogs and humans may not be the same thing. We're looking into it. -We're certain that CC and BCC are not the same thing, however.

Today in Backbeat Online: -Last Night: Kid Cudi and Asher Roth at the Ogden, Tori Amos at the Paramount. -The Rainbow Hall marquee finds a new home. -Free EP from Whygee and Sunken State. -Mile High Music Fest's most lickable musicans. -Quote/Unquote, 3OH!3 edition.

Today in Cafe Society: -African wines at Solera tonight. -An expanding empire of sushi. -Story time with Jason Sheehan tomorrow at Tattered Cover. -Meat loaf sandwich time at Delaney's Deli.


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