The blog shortcut, July 23 edition

Today in Cafe Society:

-Denver welcomes a new Brazilian steakhouse. It looks like a great spot to take a vegetarian on a date.

-Crested Butte Land and Trust Food and Wine Festival is underway.

-That candy looks like ice pops. Brillant! Or is it...

Today in The Latest Word:

-Victim of attack by hit men snakes arrested.

-Jared Polis is enjoying the hell out of being a Congressman.

-Do you have Hep. C? Be afraid...

-The Government thinks we're a little square. Shows what they know.

-Tonight: Matt Iseman at Comedy Works South

Today in Backbeat Online:

-Mile-High Fidelity playlist, July 22 edition

-Q&A with Pretty Lights

-What are Whygee and F.O.E. working on?

-New tracks from Dualistics.

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