The blog shortcut, July 24 edition

Damn it's hot outside.

Today in Backbeat Online:

-Get your video groove on with Dressy Bessy.

-Heavenfest taking shape. Wow, that dude in the front looks like he's going to kill me with his pointer finger.

-New Informants album.

-Freaky Friday, bad rap edition.

Today in Cafe Society:

-Summer Brew Fest. Get yourself to Mile High Station.

-SPAM is oblivious to your recession.

-More sweets in Littleton.

Today in The Latest Word:

-Another huge pot bust, this one on the side of a mountain.

-Turns out the RV might be to blame in our earlier road-rage incident.

-We're Number 3 for business! Yeah, lists!

-Are Michael Bennet and Mark Udall doing some politicking?

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