The blog shortcut, June 11 edition

This guy knows his way around a wiener.
This guy knows his way around a wiener.
Photo by Liz Kellerman

Look at all those buns.

Today in Cafe Society:Denver's hot dog champ chomp. • Follow the smoke and Steven Raichlen to BBQ University at the Broadmoor. • Video: How to make a John Lennon Latte. • Icehouse Tavern has an opening date. • Hot rocks, hot chefs at Elway's last night. • Stripping down strip clubs. • Candy Girls: Skittles Smoothie Mix.

Today in Backbeat Online:MP3 Freeloader, Showcase Edition: ManeLine. • MP3 Freeloader, Showcase Edition: No Plot Kill. • MP3 Freeloader, Showcase Edition: The Northern Way. • MP3 Freeloader, Showcase Edition: The Outta Controllers. • MP3 Freeloader, Showcase Edition: Overcasters.

Today in The Latest Word:Bill Ritter gets defensive on Channel 9. • Where Brian Dawkins can get a Super Bowl ring: eBay. • Not-So-New-Urbanism: Stapleton. • Obama says he "loves" Jared Polis's reality show. Really, prez?Boulder cops threaten (totally) Naked Bike Ride participants with registration as sex offenders. Isn't the chafing punishment enough?

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