Red Stinger.
Red Stinger.
Photo by Aaron Thackeray

The blog shortcut, June 15 edition

Recovered yet?

Today in Backbeat Online:Westword Music Showcase reviewed: Bannock St. Garage. • Westword Music Showcase reviewed: Broadways. • Westword Music Showcase reviewed: Vinyl. • Westword Music Showcase: How I saw thirty bands in five hours and lived to tell about it. • Over the Weekend: KS-107.5's Summer Jam.

Today in Cafe Society:Partake in tonight's Plates for the Peak at Vesta Dipping Grill. • Milking It: Star Trek cereal. • Pasta Jay's adds an outpost in Lone Tree. • Denver's top dog: Report from the Nathan's Hot Dog Qualifier. • Ask the Critic: Father's Day Foodies.


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