The blog shortcut, March 10 edition

On your feet -- or on your knees.
On your feet -- or on your knees.
Photo by Eric Eyl.

Bring it on!

Today in Backbeat Online:Brooks Center Arts Tea House closing?Last Night: The Bad Plus at Soiled Dove. • So What! back at Sengers on the Fax tonight!The economy sucks, so here are 570 free songs.

Today in Cafe Society:For ladies only -- a Venue wine-tasting tonight. • The List: Dim sum in Denver. • I dream of Jewish fast-casual. • Cafe 13 producing for Golden.

Today in The Latest Word:The Jay Cutler silent treatment: More than a month and counting?Pueblo Bank & Trust: Keep your stinkin' bailout money, President Obama. • Vail-based Bachelorette prize Ryan Sutter weighs in on controversial Bachelor finale. • Kenny Be's Hip Tip: Green jobs of the new energy economy. • What? Not all comments posted to blogs are accurate? Stop the presses.

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