The blog shortcut, March 16 edition

The Pirate Signal wants to be heard.
The Pirate Signal wants to be heard.
Photo by Chad Fahnestock

Today in Backbeat Online:Over the Weekend: The Pirate Signal at the Marquis Theater. • Over the Weekend: Cut Copy at the Bluebird Theater.

Today in Cafe Society:Aw, shucks: Jax kicks off oyster week in Denver. • Kevin Taylor goes for seven. • A Milking It review of Cookie Crisp cereal. • Bring out your best (by March 19). • Something else to learn from the Great Depression. • Castle Rock gets its goat. • Colt & Gray, a new gastropub, slated for May.

Today in The Latest Word:Layoffs at the Lab and MCA: Job losses in the wake of Adam Lerner appointment. • Another clue that Jay Cutler's hitting the road. • Over the Weekend: Who knew so many women wanted to be football stars?Highlights from the In Denver Times launch announcement press conference. • Fowl lovers unite to streamline Denver chicken laws. Although everyone agrees: No cocks.

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