The blog shortcut, March 16 edition

The Pirate Signal wants to be heard.
The Pirate Signal wants to be heard.
Photo by Chad Fahnestock

Today in Backbeat Online:

Over the Weekend: The Pirate Signal at the Marquis Theater.

Over the Weekend: Cut Copy at the Bluebird Theater.

Today in Cafe Society:

Aw, shucks: Jax kicks off oyster week in Denver.

Kevin Taylor goes for seven.

A Milking It review of Cookie Crisp cereal.

Bring out your best (by March 19).

Something else to learn from the Great Depression.

Castle Rock gets its goat.

Colt & Gray, a new gastropub, slated for May.

Today in The Latest Word:

Layoffs at the Lab and MCA: Job losses in the wake of Adam Lerner appointment.

Another clue that Jay Cutler's hitting the road.

Over the Weekend: Who knew so many women wanted to be football stars?

Highlights from the In Denver Times launch announcement press conference.

Fowl lovers unite to streamline Denver chicken laws. Although everyone agrees: No cocks.

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