The blog shortcut, March 18 edition

How many of you are hung over from yesterday? Aside from our managing editor, that is...

Today in Backbeat Online:

Well, that's one way to make sure folks are paying attention.

BDRMPPL 7-inch hand delivered by BDRMPRSN.

Young Coyotes Daytrotter Session posted for free download.

Overcasters SXSW tour diary.

Today in Cafe Society:

Wine at Rialto, pig at Parisi.

Zaidy's fuses a deli with a hipster hot spot.

Hangover graveyard: Ogden Street South.

Calling all Daves: Famous Dave's has a deal for you.

Today in The Latest Word:

Channel 4, Denver Magazine hook up.

Q&A with Steve Foster, managing editor of In Denver Times.

Denver Post editorial page latest to spank Jay Cutler.

Kenny Be's Worst Case Scenario: 2009 Sustainable Opportunities Summit comes to Denver.

Our March Madness picks: A prelude to humiliation... Let's call it a ball game.

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