The blog shortcut, March 3 edition


Today in Cafe Society:

Win a Prius by loving a burger.

Infinite Monkey Theorem Winery creates order from chaos.

Tonight, find a patio, a party -- or both.

The List: On Broadway.

A few words with Top Chef Hosea Rosenberg.

Today in Backbeat Online:

Fertility in fallow fields, part one.

Dialed In: This week's local-music radio playlists.

Today in The Latest Word:

It's not local news -- but it is a cat in a bong.

Brandon Marshall's top-five mea culpas.

Jared Polis hits section cover in the Denver newspaper bloggers haven't killed yet.

Oh dear God: 150 people signed up for Snuggie Pub Crawl in Denver.

Nuggets announcer Scott Hastings does not think highly of Jay Cutler. Do you think Jay would mind being Scottie's bitch?

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