The blog shortcut, May 7 edition

This means Juarez!
This means Juarez!

Bite this.

Today in Cafe Society:

Jack-n-Grill's Juarez burger gets a top 50 nod from Food Network magazine.

What's cooking? Events at cooking schools.

Colorado, Italian-style: How the West was undone.

The Recovery Room has recovered!

Veggie Girl: The Melting Pot.

Stranahan's leaves LoDo for old Heavenly Daze Brewery.

Now you can get in the swim at Casa Bonita.

Today in Backbeat Online:

Q&A with Dave Dictor from MDC.

Infinite Mindz affiliate, O.N.E., goes solo with new mixtape.

Flier of the Week: Ideal Fathers CD Release at Larimer Lounge.

Former Machine Gun Blues singer to enter the ring as a luchador.

Today in The Latest Word:

Colorado's answer to swine flu: Close the prisons?

An update on Jay Marvin's health crisis.

Author Jeff Kass on how his Columbine theories differ from Dave Cullen's.

Colorado Public Radio lays off classical host amid continuing fundraising campaign.

Nails were bitten in yesterday's death-penalty vote. Anyone for a manicure?

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