The blog shortcut, November 17 edition

Single File poses side by side. How confusing!

No pushing and shoving, blog lovers. There's plenty for everyone.

Today in Backbeat Online:

Single File previews its new recording.

Tickle Me Pink releases the explicit version of its "Typical Whore" video.

KBCO's Studio C celebrates its twentieth anniversary with a two-CD set.

Young Coyotes to howl on a Daytrotter session.

Cat-A-Tac parts ways.

Looking back at the Red Rocks riot of 1971, which took place at a Jethro Tull concert. Take that, Locomotive Breath.

Today in Cafe Society:

The Branch Inn is history.

Izakaya Den is looking for a new chef -- and looking at a day in court.

A Milking It review of Oat Cluster Cheerios Crunch, which -- eeek! -- are supposed to be good for you.

Today in The Latest Word:

Reviews of The Wrestler and Slumdog Millionaire at the Denver Film Festival.

Photos from the festival's Big Night.

Piecing together art at Rockmount Ranch Wear during Denver ArtsWeek.

The end of the line for AWOL Marine Lance Hering.

Colorado inmates may soon have "missing person" playing cards. Deal with it. -- Michael Roberts

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