The blog shortcut, November 4 edition

I have a feeling this band is going to break up pretty soon...

We've been blogging the vote -- and a whole lot more.

Today in Backbeat Online:

The 2008 presidential campaign told as a '70s rock opera.

A live review of the Beastie Boys and Tenacious D at the Fillmore Auditorium.

Today in Cafe Society:

A guide to what you can get for free by flashing your "I Voted" sticker.

A celebration of the holiday beer season.

Searching for Denver's best places to find paella.

Taking a trip to Zen Ultra Lounge.

Today in The Latest Word:

Your election-night party guide.

Patricia Calhoun tallies up her election-related calls -- including one during which an alleged Catholic bishop dropped Obama's middle name.

Hank Eng tries to pull off a miracle against embattled Secretary of State Mike Coffman.

• Teague Bohlen's guide to other things Denver might stupidly trade away other than Allen Iverson.

Denver Metro Young Republicans come up with the best campaign ads ever.

Oh, yeah: We also published a slew of posts in which we looked for voting problems -- and mostly didn't find them. May you have been as fortunate. -- Michael Roberts

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