Shackin' up.

The blog shortcut, October 29 edition

Allow us to guide you through the confusing labyrinth that is the World Wide Web.

Today in Cafe Society: • Jonathan Shikes survives the attack of the Rib Shack. • Richard Sandoval's second local La Sandia Mexican Kitchen & Tequila Bar is among the new restaurant openings. • A toast to late author Tony Hillerman at the Jack-n-Grille.

Today in Backbeat Online: • We take a peek at the Chain Gang of 1974's tour vlog3OH!3 sells nearly 50K. Not everybody's stoked. • Hot IQs reschedule vinyl release and video premier partyMagic Cyclops makes a cameo (sort of) in the new Centro-Matic video • Colorado Springs blogger Heather Browne gets name-checked by Nick Hornby. • A Q&A with Saúl Hernández of Jaguares.

Today in The Latest Word: • An interview with "Block the Vote" co-author and Rolling Stone contributor Greg Palast about Colorado's troubled voting system. • The difficulty of being a first-time, mail-in Colorado voter. • Why it's no surprise 9News is bidding farewell to Bob Kendrick. • Lisa Rab solves the mystery of Denver's "Will" billboards -- with a little help from readers. • A slideshow of slovenly properties registered to Troubleshooter Tom Martino. Could trouble be shooting back? -- Michael Roberts


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