The blog shortcut, September 3 edition

It's the frozen slider of royalty.
It's the frozen slider of royalty.

Betcha Harold and Kumar are gonna be pissed.

Today in Cafe Society:

The ten worst burger ideas ever.

Jason Sheehan keeps the home fires burning in Best Food Writing.

Part two: Chef and Tell with Tyler Wiard of Elway's.

El Toro a must-stop on Colorado Boulevard.

Tonight: a sea of Italian wines at Black Pearl.

Today in Backbeat Online:

The Photo Atlas, the Knew and Jim McTurnan to play at CMJ.

Moi Yo Yoi Boiz getting a bit "Popular" with the kids.

Vaux's "gone out of business" CD single sale.

Download Heart & Soul Radio's three-song debut EP for free.

Last night: Cracker at the Bluebird.

Today in The Latest Word:

Sick response to Obama's speech to kids.

Turn off the heat? Was Bill Ritter drunk?

At the corner of Colorado Boulevard and Memory Lane.

Local "Beauty Guru" Ty Tomlinson arrested for allegedly beating and raping a former employee.

Kenny Be's Worst-Case Scenario: The Yum Yum Tree Museatum Atrium. It's good enough to eat.

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