The blog shortcut, September 9 edition

Dave Grohl at Red Rocks.

Free blogs. Get your free blogs here. Backbeat Online doubles your pleasure with two blogs about the Foo Fighters -- a review of Dave Grohl's band at Red Rocks last night (the group is on the Rocks tonight as well) plus the first online appearance of Westword's original Foo review , dating to an April 1995 gig at the Mercury Cafe featuring Pearl Jam's Eddie Vedder. The stars were aligned. The Cat's Pajamas counters with Secondhand Sartorialism tips and a visit to the dark side of teen fashion . And in Cafe Society , Jason Sheehan offers a taste of his forthcoming take on Masterpiece Delicatessen and Adam Cayton-Holland saunters into a newish sandwich shop called Parsley . Garnish as necessary. -- Michael Roberts

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