The Whup-Ass Master warned us about Vance Fulkerson

The sexual connotations inherent in the Greeley Tribune headline "Charges Mount For UNC Prof" are creepily appropriate. After all, University of Northern Colorado drama instructor Vance Fulkerson, who once led a "Self-Defense Singing" class, had already been accused of secretly filming children in his bathroom. And now, he's facing nine new charges, including four felony sexual exploitation of a child allegations and five misdemeanor unlawful sexual contact beefs.

None of that likely came as a surprise to the Whup-Ass Master, a blogger who shares his thoughts on the Can O' Whup-Ass site. Back in July, around the time the original case about Fulkerson broke, he wrote, "A Note to Vance Fulkerson, Rug-Wearing Kiddie Porn Aficinado," which argued that VF had been engaging in that sort of behavior for years. "Wasn't it cool how you used to spy on us in the men's room on the lower level of the theatre building?" he asked. "We remember that stuff, too! Ah, memories."

The kind that are impossible to turn off, no matter how hard you try.


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