Tim Tebow, sacked 7 times, given week's worth of condoms for added protection (VIDEO)

The Tim Tebow gift pack?
The Tim Tebow gift pack?

The NuVo Protection Plan has been in place since the NFL season began, with the company sending condoms to the quarterback who suffered the most sacks over the weekend -- so they can "stay safe and won't be left unprotected!" according to a company press release that excitedly refers to Tebow as "fresh meat."

The release goes on to concede that it's "questionable if Tebow will accept this gift with open arms after seeing his highly controversial Super Bowl advertisement last year" -- an anti-abortion-themed spot sponsored by Focus on the Family. And that's not to mention Tebow's public statement, issued back in 2009, that he's saving himself for marriage. Here's that clip.

Even so, NuVo argues that everyone needs extra protection on occasion -- "yes, even Tebow!" And if he keeps getting sacked at the rate he experienced against the Dolphins, he could wind up with a lifetime supply.

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