Tim Tebow: Twitter Nation -- including Carmelo Anthony -- on Broncos new starting QB

Woke up this morning, turned on the tv to Tim Tebow talk... Please tell me that's not a sign of a bad day coming...
Oct 12 via Twitter for AndroidFavoriteRetweetReply

My nigguh Tim Tebow finally gone get a chance to shut da haters up
Oct 12 via TweetCaster for AndroidFavoriteRetweetReply

Has Tim Tebow replaced Brett Favre as #ESPN's shameless way to attract viewers. Seriously guys... enough already! #overkill
Oct 12 via Twitter for iPhoneFavoriteRetweetReply

Welcome future hall of fame fullback Tim Tebow to the Broncos starting QB position. #help
Oct 11 via TwittelatorFavoriteRetweetReply

Kyle orton and tim tebow compared to jennifer aniston and angelina jolie on @espn this morning. Perfect
Oct 12 via Twitter for BlackBerry®FavoriteRetweetReply

Noone understand how much I hate Tim Tebow
Oct 12 via Plume FavoriteRetweetReply

Tim Tebow Played Better Than Aaron Rodgers And Tom Brady This Weekend: ... which may have boosted his QBR, a sta...
Oct 12 via twitterfeedFavoriteRetweetReply

Tim Tebow sold 2,000 tickets to the Dolphins-Broncos game. Only 28,000 to go.
Oct 12 via Tweet ButtonFavoriteRetweetReply

Guess: Tim Tebow will be the 1st quarterback to take over for a healthy starter after completing 4 passes the game before.
Oct 09 via webFavoriteRetweetReply

No matter what happen, Tim Tebow is always ready when his # is called!!!!! #TrueProfessional
Oct 09 via Twitter for iPhoneFavoriteRetweetReply

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