Today's Featured Event: Lost Film Festival

VJ Scott Beibin's Lost Film Festival is a law unto itself. Although it can be loosely compared to work by such artists as Negativland, Pee-wee Herman or the Marx Brothers, its anti-corporate vibe and array of topics addressed puts the Lost Film Festival firmly into its own category.

That being said, here's what attendees can expect: live storytelling and video exploring current events and blurring the boundaries of participatory media. Beibin addresses multiculturalism, environmentalism and green/sustainable technologies, conflict-resolution, gender, economics and more in his all-over-the-place presentation that nonetheless neatly links these disparate puzzle pieces together into a comprehensive whole. See for yourself: The Lost Film Fest screens tonight at the Starz FilmCenter in Auraria's Tivoli; the price of admission is a $2 suggested donation. For more information, visit

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