Today's featured event: True blood at the Center for Visual Art

A detail from Denis Roussel's "Blood Experiment."
A detail from Denis Roussel's "Blood Experiment."

TRACE (figurative), a new exhibition at Metro State's Center for Visual Art, is all about the human body -- and the marks it leaves behind. The concept of the show, curated by director Jennifer Garner, involves the use blood, sweat and so on as artistic elements. Contributors such as Nigel Poor, Denis Roussel, Heather Doyle-Maier and Jason Gimbel look for the beauty in everything from hair clumps from showers to stains left on thrift-store fabrics. Don't scoff: How different is the latter from the Shroud of Turin?

The exhibition runs through August 13, and on Wednesday, events beginning at 6 p.m. include a member meet-and-greet, an artist panel discussion and a public reception. Get details at this page on the website or call 303-294-5207.

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