Tom Tancredo.
Tom Tancredo.

Tom Tancredo and Geraldo Rivera talk Tea Party -- and illegal immigration

Early voting starts today, which means you can stop by any voting center (find them here) and choose a gubernatorial candidate from a lineup that no one would have thought possible a year ago: Denver mayor and Democratic John Hickenlooper, Republican candidate Dan Maes and third-party candidate Tom Tancredo, who's pulled within four points of Hickenlooper according to the most recent Rassmussen poll.

Pretty good for a guy who wasn't even in the race three months ago.

Tancredo, technically running under the banner of the American Constitution Party, was billed as a "Tea Party Candidate" last night when he appeared on Geraldo at Large to talk with Geraldo Rivera about the amazing trajectory of his third-party candidacy.

When Rivera mentioned that Tancredo was within ten points of Hickenlooper, Tancredo countered with last Friday's Rasmussen poll results -- which Rivera dismissed as less reliable than an averaging of all the current poll results.

But the friskier exchange came when the conversation turned to immigration -- and Rivera, who's taken Tancredo on before regarding his hard-line stance -- got in the best line. After Tancredo acknowledged that he was talking a lot about illegal immigration in the campaign, Rivera observed that Tancredo probably mentioned illegal immigration when he said good morning to his wife.


More on Tancredo from our Politics archive: "Tom Tancredo on Dan Maes meeting and dodging attacks as a 'racist, Nazi bastard.'"


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