Pat Miller, too.
Pat Miller, too.
Ellen Jaskol

Tom Tancredo picks Pat Miller: No, not Gabby Gourmet Pat Miller

The calls and e-mails started coming early yesterday morning, after news broke that Tom Tancredo had chosen a new lieutenant governor candidate: Pat Miller.

No, not the Pat Miller better known as the Gabby Gourmet -- though that would certainly have broadened the ticket.

Instead, with his choice of a new running mate, Tancredo stuck with the right side of the Republican Party -- or he would have, if he'd stuck with the Republican Party at all, that is.

And no one would confuse the Pat Miller who's the new lieutenant governor candidate of the American Constitution Party, a one-term Colorado legislator who's a staunch, pro-life conservative, with Gabby Gourmet Pat Miller.

That Miller is liberal in just about everything, including the opinions she spills on the weekly restaurant radio show she's been doing for more than three decades, and at events around town. I sat next to her at a lunch yesterday, just four hours after Tancredo made his announcement on the Peter Boyles show (The Gabby Gourmet is also on KHOW). When the calls started coming in about the other Pat Miller, it was a recipe for endless amusing speculation.

Because just about the only thing that would have made this wacky election season even wackier would have been adding the Gabby Gourmet to the mix.


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