Tom Tancredo.
Tom Tancredo.

Tom Tancredo wins suit, keeps name on ballot despite many wanting if off, campaign says

The lawsuit filed against Tom Tancredo has fallen short of its goal: A judge has ruled that Tancredo's name will remain on the November ballot. The decision pleases Tancredo campaign operations manager Cliff Dodge -- but he's still irritated that his guy had to jump through this particular hoop.

"I can't speak to anybody else's motives," Dodge says about attorney Richard Westfall, who sued on behalf of two Republican voters; they argued that Tancredo should have registered with the American Constitution Party by January 1 in order to be ballot-worthy. "But it certainly seems to me that there were a lot of people interested in keeping Tom off the ballot.

"By filing suit," he continues, "they forced Tom to spend an inordinate amount of time and very precious resources to defend it. And given the result that's come down, it sure does seem to be somewhat of a waste."

Not that Dodge plans to spend much energy bellyaching about this indignity. In his words, "This just confirms what everybody has been speculating about -- and that is that Tom Tancredo is in this to the finish. And we're going to march to November 2 and win this thing" against Dan Maes and John Hickenlooper.

At least his name will be alongside theirs....


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