Top five Colorado-animals-behaving-badly stories

Yes, animals are adorable. But they can also be destructive, as witnessed by the havoc wreaked by a certain squirrel this week -- more on that below.

The chaos-loving rodent inspired us to round up five recent stories about critters gone wild, in a manner of speaking. Count down our favorites below.

Number 5: That squirrel was fired up!

Top five Colorado-animals-behaving-badly stories

The Denver Museum of Nature & Science seems like a sensible target for animals seeking vengeance for the cruelty of man. After all, it's got "Nature" in its name. So no one should have been surprised when a squirrel reportedly found its way into the facility's fuse box, sparking a power outage that delayed the museum's opening by twenty minutes or so on Tuesday morning.

Call it natural consequences.

Page down to continue reading our top five Colorado animals behaving badly stories.

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