Top ten outmoded industries Colorado should lure after snagging Blockbuster

If the last time you rented a movie from Blockbuster also happened to be the last time you watched an Eddie Murphy movie, you're not alone. But just in case you did feel like giving up Netflix, Hulu and Redbox and rewinding that copy of Beverly Hills Cop III you borrowed in 1994, Colorado's got your back. The state will soon become the marginally irrelevant company's HQ. What other industries would make as big an impact if they could be convinced to relocate here? Here's our top ten. 10. Lava lamps

Top ten outmoded industries Colorado should lure after snagging Blockbuster
Wikimedia Commons

What was once the international symbol of hunka-hunka burning love is now the symbol of "this apartment is a fire hazard." The lava lamp traded in its cool for kitsch somewhere in the early '80s, but it continues to make a slow resurgence in the occasional ironic or brotastic dorm room. (The irony is that there isn't any.) 9. 8-track tapes

In 1965, the Ford Motor Company launched its first line of custom-installed 8-track tape players inside vehicles -- and the world has never looked back. Coloradans who still consider John Denver the height of musical sophistication might be convinced to give up any freedom of song choice whatsoever in order to bring back the phenomenon and get one tape jammed inside their player for the rest of eternity. Page down to continue our top ten countdown of industries Colorado should lure after landing Blockbuster.

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