Top ten speed traps in Denver, 2013 edition

About this time last year, we shared a collection of the top ten speed traps in Denver -- our second annual list culled from the most recent entries on, at site at which those who've been trapped attempt to prevent others from being similarly ensnared.

Once again, it's time for an update. Below, see interactive graphics of the ten latest speed traps as chosen by users of the site, complete with their descriptions of why you should hit the brakes as you approach them. Check out the full list below.

Number 10: 5900 Block of Pecos

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Beware if you are going northound. This is the bridge that goes over the railroad tracks on Pecos and 60th. Unmarked cop car sits diagonally at the bottom of the bridge pulling people over and giving unsuspecting law abiding citizens a $175.00 ticket for going a little over the speed limit which is 35 miles per hour. This is an industrial area and there are no schools nor homes in the area. It's a speed trap. I got pulled over and given a ticket and before I even left the scene he pulled over another poor unfortunate soul and ruined this persons day as well. I had not even left the scene yet and he had already pulled over someone else.

Number 9: Southbound Speer Blvd just past the Pepsi Center

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From my window at work, I watched two Denver patrol cars work in tandem stopping cars just about all afternoon today. There must a really big bill coming due because a car was stopped by one or the other about every 10 minutes.

Continue to keep counting down the top ten speed traps in Denver, 2013 edition.

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