Top ten tweets about Osama bin Laden's death

#OMG, they killed #OBL. And finally, tonight, Gary Faulkner can sleep soundly, Samurai swords safely sheathed.

We heard "Bin Laden is dead" about 500 times from Wolf Blitzer in about thirty minutes, listened as Geraldo tried to articulate his joy at the death of Usama [sic] bin Laden. But the real entertainment came, as always, from Twitter.

There, gems like the image above were spotted and shared across the interwebs. From the famous to nobodys, here are the ten best tweets about the news of the death of Osama Bin Laden as it was breaking.

10. Brian Griffin

9. Osama Bin Laden

8. Jimmy Fallon

7. This guy, "OBrian Music": Likely a retweet, who can help us name the original writer?

6. Ryan Agordon: Nice find. We're not sure if this is legit though.

5. Jesus: As always, Jesus is way too obvious.

4. Dana Loesch: Conservative talker Dana Loesch has a good point.

3. Funny or Die

2. Charles M. Blow: Kind of a gross job for those journalists.

1. Slashleen: No comment.

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