Tour Joe Cocker's Mad Dog Ranch, on sale for reduced $5.75M price

Update, April 20, 2016: More than a year after singer Joe Cocker's December 2014 death, his fabulous estate in Crawford, Colorado, remains up for sale — and the asking price of $5.75 million is well over a million dollars less than the tag placed upon it two years ago, at the time of our previous coverage. Continue to take a photo tour — and to see the updated listed, click here.

Original post, 7:50 a.m. April 10, 2014: If you think the property in this photo, and the larger ones below, doesn't look like a typical ranch, you'd be right. But its owner, rock singer Joe Cocker, isn't a typical rancher. He is, however, downsizing — and that means he's selling his spectacular spread near Crawford, on the Western Slope, for $7 million without furnishings or equipment, $7,850,000 with them included. Take a tour of the ranch via photos courtesy of co-lister Joshua & Co. and get additional details from the original listing below.

Continue to see more photos of Joe Cocker's Mad Dog Ranch.

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