Toyota Tacoma Terrorizer Joshua Lane Exhausted by Spree, Asleep When Busted

Update: Yesterday morning, we noted that the man who allegedly stabbed the owner of a Toyota Tacoma and then led metro area police on multiple chases had been caught in Castle Rock.

See our previous coverage below.

The suspect has now been identified as Joshua Lane — and we've got details about his capture.

Apparently, his crime spree on Monday was absolutely exhausting — because when police found him on Tuesday, he was inside the Tacoma, asleep.

According to 7News, the Castle Rock Police Department received a tip from someone who'd seen reports about the Tacoma (and its license plate number) on Monday, then spotted the vehicle parked at a 7-Eleven just off Interstate 25 near the Plum Creek exit.

Local cops raced to the scene but killed their sirens when the first officer who responded discovered that the suspect — Lane — was asleep in the front seat.

Lane is said to have been taken into custody without incident — no surprise, since he was just waking up as it happened.

Thus far, we don't have a list of the charges Lane will face, presumably in multiple jurisdictions; the stabbing and carjacking took place in Denver, while chases happened in both Denver and Aurora. But it will assuredly be lengthy.

Here's a look at Lane's booking photo, followed by a 7News report about his capture and our previous coverage.

Update, 10:35 a.m. June 23:
 A man suspected of stealing a 2006 Toyota Tacoma after stabbing its owner and then leading police on numerous car chases (and causing at least one wreck involving a police car) has been caught.

Details are few at this writing: 7News reports only that the thus-far-unidentified suspect was taken into custody this morning in Castle Rock by members of the Castle Rock Police Department.

This news should make drivers in the Denver metro area rest at least a little bit easier, for reasons we explain in our previous coverage, on view below.

Original post, 6:21 a.m. June 23:
Have you seen a black 2006 Toyota Tacoma like the one above, sporting Colorado license plate 966-MFH?

If so, call the police in Denver or Aurora and get the hell out of its way, because the driver of the vehicle was allegedly at the center of several crimes yesterday, including a carjacking, a stabbing and multiple police chases, including one witnessed by Westword's publisher, who witnessed some of the madness and called yours truly wondering what the hell was going on.

And wonder he might, since the series of incidents suggests that the man behind the wheel may actually be playing chicken with metro Denver cops.

And the Tacoma is only one of the innocent victims.

At around 7:17 a.m. yesterday, Denver police reps told 7News, a man was walking toward his pickup in a parking garage at 100 East Tennessee Avenue when he saw a man who appeared to be "casing" vehicles parked there.

The truck's owner, ID'd as James Michael Barlow, reportedly confronted the man.

For his trouble, he was stabbed and his truck was stolen.

Here's a photo of Barlow with his truck.

Barlow was hospitalized but later released and is expected to make a full recovery.

The suspect, described as a six-foot, 180-pound, stubble-faced white male with tattoos on a lower arm (he wore a light shirt and pants), was next spotted driving the Tacoma around 9:15 a.m., when he's said to have been part of a non-injury hit-and-run near the intersection of Airport Road and Sixth Avenue. Once again, he got away.

Cut to 12:13 p.m., when an Aurora police officer saw the Tacoma in the vicinity of East 14th Avenue and Oswego Street, precipitating a chase that continued all the way to the Cherry Creek Mall, where it was called off because of danger to the public

The Tacoma resurfaced at approximately 4:30 p.m. back in Aurora, at a 7-Eleven near East Mississippi and South Sable Boulevard.

The result was yet another chase with an unhappy ending: It ended after a police car smacked into two other vehicles near Alameda and South Moline.

A woman was injured in the incident, but she, too, is expected to be okay.

We haven't heard about any additional Tacoma sightings this morning. But the day is still young.

Look below to see a 7News report about the crime spree.

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