No doubt about the investigation into Travis Masse now.
No doubt about the investigation into Travis Masse now.

Travis Masse: Former wrestling coach accused of doing more than wrestling with student

Last month, we told you about a Channel 31 report about Travis Masse, which quoted the Broomfield Police Department as confirming that an investigation into the former Broomfield High School teacher and wrestling coach was underway. Problem is, a BPD spokesman told Westword the department hadn't specifically announced that Masse was the target of this inquiry.

No doubt about that now. This week, Masse was reportedly arrested and accused of two counts involving sexual assault on a child. According to the arrest affidavit, Masse allegedly had an ongoing sexual relationship with one student beginning when she was seventeen. Police also believe he sexted her and an unknown number of other students photos of his naked body.

In March, Jeffco investigator Mike Harris laid out his views about when branding a sexter as a sex offender is appropriate. If Masse is found guilty of the charges against him, he'll easily fit Harris's definition.


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