Twelve Cities Whose Weather is Way More Unpredictable Than Denver's

Videos and more below.
Videos and more below.

A lot of Coloradans think the weather here is the most unpredictable in the country. Not so, counters Nate Silver, the statistician renowned for correctly predicting the 2012 presidential election. At his site, Silver (and co-author Reuben Fischer-Baum) set out to determine which American city really has the most unpredictable weather, and the three Colorado communities featured -- including Denver -- are way down the list. Check out the Silver/Fischer-Baum top twelve below, followed by the Colorado entries, featuring FiveThirtyEight stats and videos for each location.

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Note: Here's how Silver/Fischer-Baum describe the scoring:

Higher values indicate more unpredictability:

• Scores in the 80s or above indicate very high unpredictability. • Scores in the 70s indicate above-average unpredictability. • Scores in the 60s indicate average unpredictability. • Scores in the 50s indicate comparatively predictable weather patterns. • Scores in the 40s or below indicate highly predictable weather.

For the full methodology, click here.

Number 1: Rapid City, South Dakota

Temperature: 95

Precipitation: 66

Severe weather: 88

Unpredictability index: 84

Number 2: Great Falls, Montana

Temperature: 103

Precipitation: 65

Severe weather: 81

Unpredictability index: 83

Number 3: Houghton, Michigan

Temperature: 73

Precipitation: 107

Severe weather: 69

Unpredictability index: 82

Continue for more about cities whose weather is way more unpredictable than Denver's, as well as figures from three Colorado cities.

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