Twelve Colorado New Year's Resolutions From a California Transplant

I keep hearing about these "hut trips"
I keep hearing about these "hut trips"
Courtesy Colorado Ski Country USA

Earlier this week, I published an essay about moving to Denver from Los Angeles in my four-cylinder Kia Rio, and how I adapted to a new life as a transplant. My first year in Denver was filled with important lessons and discoveries, but I still have a ways to go before I’ll feel completely settled in Colorado. To help get there, I’ve compiled a list of New Year's resolutions and Colorado bucket-list items for 2016. Perhaps they'll resonate among some of the other 100,986 people who moved to Colorado in the past twelve months.

1. Sell the Kia Rio and get a Subaru.

2. Learn more John Denver lyrics. I’ve been told I’m seriously lacking in this area.

3. Hit every dive bar on Colfax. 

Den-Mex Fried Tacos..Yum?
Den-Mex Fried Tacos..Yum?
Danielle Lirette

4. Try out fried tacos, which I hear are a Denver creation.

5. Force myself to adapt to Colorado lingo, like saying “pop” instead of “soda,” and “sack” instead of “bag.”

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