Twelve State Capitals Supposedly Better Than Denver

Additional images below.
Additional images below.

Usually, we're able to keep lists ranking cities and states in perspective — maybe because Denver and Colorado so frequently wind up at or near the top of them.

But there are exceptions. For instance, we were absolutely flabbergasted a couple of years back when Ranker suggested that there were eleven state flags better than Colorado's.

We had that reaction again when WalletHub assembled its roster of 2016's best and worst state capitals — and Denver finished thirteenth.

Really. And it gets worse.

A  few great places were slotted ahead of Denver. And while we still prefer D-town (surprise, surprise), reasonable people can disagree.

But placing some of the others (you'll know which ones) above the Mile High City is flat-out mystifying.

See what we mean by counting down the photo-illustrated list of twelve state capitals that are supposedly better than Denver, followed by WalletHub's methodology. To read the original post, in which rankings of all fifty states are featured, click here.

Olympia, Washington.
Olympia, Washington.

Number 12: Olympia, Washington
State Capital Index: 58.23
Affordability Rank: 24
Economic Well-Being Rank: 36
Education & Health Rank: 17
Quality of Life Rank: 1

Des Moines, Iowa.
Des Moines, Iowa.
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Number 11: Des Moines, Iowa
State Capital Index: 58.70
Affordability Rank: 8
Economic Well-Being Rank: 19
Education & Health Rank: 14
Quality of Life Rank: 27

Columbus, Ohio.
Columbus, Ohio.
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Number 10: Columbus, Ohio
State Capital Index: 59.38
Affordability Rank: 12
Economic Well-Being Rank: 14
Education & Health Rank: 10
Quality of Life Rank: 22

Helena, Montana.
Helena, Montana.

Number 9: Helena, Montana
State Capital Index: 59.52
Affordability Rank: 19
Economic Well-Being Rank: 7
Education & Health Rank: 30
Quality of Life Rank: 15

Pierre, South Dakota.
Pierre, South Dakota.

Number 8: Pierre, South Dakota
State Capital Index: 59.84
Affordability Rank: 14
Economic Well-Being Rank: 32
Education & Health Rank: 2
Quality of Life Rank: 44

Montpelier, Vermont.
Montpelier, Vermont.

Number 7: Montpelier, Vermont
State Capital Index: 60.18
Affordability Rank: 25
Economic Well-Being Rank: 15
Education & Health Rank: 4
Quality of Life Rank: 19

Boise, Idaho.
Boise, Idaho.

Continue to keep counting down the list of twelve state capitals supposedly better than Denver.

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