Twitter Tuesday: Eric Elkins, our featured Twit

This week's featured Twit is Eric Elkins, a local writer, blogger, CEO of a social media company and "avowed narcissist." He caught our attention on Twitter because he's one of those Twits that's just everywhere -- he seems to know everyone, and everything going on, all the time. He's always got a kind word, a clever quip or a useful link to share, and, as you can see, his profile pic is him in a tuxedo, and we like to reward a man who knows the value of a tux. You can find him on Twitter as @datingdad and after the jump, you can learn all about him and why he's worth your follow, in 140-character bursts.

@DenverWestword: Justify your following. Why should people follow you on Twitter?

@datingdad: Justify? Nah. Follow me if you find my tweets funny, interesting, offensive...I tweet what I want, without concern for building a following.

@DenverWestword: What brought you to Twitter?

@datingdad: I wanted to engage with friends worldwide and share my blog and social media biz, and maybe get a date. Now it's all about conversations.

@DenverWestword: So did you ever get a date? Can Twitter do that?

@datingdad: I've had amazing dates that happened because of Twitter. It's totally possible. Still waiting for that one right girl to DM me, someday.

@DenverWestword: What do you tweet about usually?

@datingdad: Food (eating/cooking). Reactions to talented tweep tweets. Where I'm drinking cocktails. Cute things my little girl says. Social media biz.

@DenverWestword: What keeps you busy offline (aka in real life)?

@datingdad: My company (, my non-profit (, my novel (@rayreflected), my girl (9 yrs old), my Ketel (dirty), my search (love).

@DenverWestword: Finally, open tweeting: A chance to say something funny, clever or just to convince doubters to follow you: GO!

@datingdad: Don't follow me unless my tweets interest you. Don't thank me for the follow, esp via auto-DM. Smart, hot, maybe Jewish females, I'm here!

Got favorite Twit we should feature? Maybe that's you? Follow us at @DenverWestword, tweet to us why they/you should be followed and we'll be in touch.


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