U tha man, Ubaldo.
U tha man, Ubaldo.

Ubaldo Jimenez on the way to being Rockies' first Cy Young winner?

There are a lot of blogs in Denver. Here are links to three posts worth perusing.

5280's A.J. Vicens takes notice of the national spotlight lighting up Ubaldo Jimenez, who just won his sixth start in a row last night. He may not be carrying the team singlehandedly at this point, but the way he's playing, he probably could.

Denver Infill offers lucky update number thirteen about the Union Station construction project. We're digging it.

Colorado Pols points to an investigation by former Westword staffer Eileen Welsome, now writing for the Colorado Springs Gazette, into who's funding the Dr. Evil initiatives. Bet it winds up costing them more than one million dollars!


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