Vance Fulkerson: UNC prof pleads guilty to charges of being a child-exploiting creepazoid

Former UNC professor Vance Fulkerson once taught a class called "Self-Defense Singing" -- and among the folks from whom his students needed protection was him.

In July, Fulkerson was charged with sexual exploitation of children related to a video system set up in (eeesh) his bathroom. Nine more counts followed in September, and in November, UNC issued a lengthy report in which the university took itself to task for not blowing the whistle on Fulkerson sooner. "We could have done a better job communicating with everybody involved when the issue arose," UNC spokesman Nate Haas said at the time.

In contrast, the communication yesterday between Fulkerson and a Weld County judge was pretty clear: In exchange for the dropping of sixteen counts against him, VF pleaded guilty to sexual exploitation of children, which could earn him a sizable stretch in stir when he's sentenced in early March.

If so, all those prison cameras should make him feel right at home.


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