Video: Man steers car to safety after concrete knocks out driver on I-25

Earlier today, a deputy-involved shooting near Colfax and Interstate 25 closed part of the highway for hours; a suspect in the case is still being sought at this writing.

But Denver police officers know who caused a traffic nightmare on I-25 Monday -- a truck driver who strafed an overpass. And they also know how close four people came to serious injury or worse as a result of a chunk of concrete smashing through a windshield and disabling the driver, forcing a passenger to take the wheel. Details and video below.

Here's the first tweet from the DPD about the incident....

...followed by a note letting folks know this wouldn't be a quick fix:

The cops also shared photos from the scene, including this one:

Video: Man steers car to safety after concrete knocks out driver on I-25

What happened? According to 9News, a driver for RMS Cranes hit the Speer Boulevard overpass with part of his semi's trailer. He was subsequently given a citation for careless driving, since signage in the area directs folks piloting trucks like his to stick to the inner lanes.

The semi-truck.
The semi-truck.

Because the semi-driver didn't do so in this case, a chunk of concrete came off the bridge and plummeted through the windshield of a woman driving with two kids, ages five and ten, and her adult cousin, identified by the station only by his first name, Brandon.

The overpass.
The overpass.

The woman was knocked unconscious from a head wound. But Brandon saved the day by pulling the emergency brake and steering the vehicle out of harm's way.

The driver wound up being hospitalized until yesterday evening (she's expected to make a complete recovery), while Brandon wound up with only minor injuries -- and the kids are okay. That's a lot happier outcome than emerge from most traffic jams.

Here's the 9News report.

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