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Video below.

Video of the Day: New Era's takedown of Xcel-linked ballot measure goes viral

In 2011, Boulderites voted to take care of their own power needs, giving Xcel Energy the boot. Now, New Era Colorado, a pro-municipal-energy outfit, says Question 310, an Xcel-linked measure on the November ballot, may undo the entire project. To fight back, New Era created a video casting the battle in David-and-Goliath terms, and when it was shared by Upworthy, it went viral, racking up 500,000-plus views and pushing an Indiegogo campaign with a $40,000 goal over $120K. What spurred so many to open their wallets? See for yourself below.

More from our Business archive circa April 2012: "Xcel Energy not amused by April Fool's Day letters about Boulder power cuts."


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