Video: Sydney Spies fights for sexy yearbook photo in Today show interview

Since our post last week about Durango High student Sydney Spies protesting the banning of a flirty photo from her school's yearbook, the story has exploded nationally, culminating with her appearance this morning, alongside her mom, Miki, on the Today show.

In the piece, on view below, yearbook editors say they're the ones who turned thumbs-down on the shot -- but Spies thinks administrators nudged them in that direction.

First, here's the photo Spies submitted as her official yearbook photo:

And here's a look at a photo Spies says she submitted as an alternate. It was also nixed. According to Spies, during an interview with Today host Matt Lauer, the student editors originally voted four-to-one in her favor to allow the initial photo to be published. But afterward, she asserts that they changed their mind after meeting with administrators -- a development she sees as violating press rules in Colorado, which establish independence for high school yearbook staffs and the like.

At this point, Spies and her mom, who admits that she originally advised Sydney not to send in the photo she chose, are noncommittal about potential legal action -- although Sydney in particular is resentful of a policy that would allow the photo to be published in a separate area if it is placed as an ad for a $300 fee.

Meanwhile, Today is running a poll in which viewers are asked if the photo is inappropriate for a yearbook. At this writing, 7,346 participants have weighed in, with 87.4 percent of them deeming it inappropriate.

Look below to watch the Today segment.

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