Videos: Twenty best state songs according to Ranker, and where Colorado's lands

Videos below.
Videos below.

Back in March, we posted about the eleven state flags that are supposed to be better than Colorado's, based on a listing from Ranker. That crowd-sourced website also features a roster of the best state songs, and Colorado does very well. But does it deserve to? And are any of the tunes that wind up before or after it actually any good?

Judge for yourself by counting down the top twenty, complete with videos from (almost) every selection and our takes as to whether the word "best" actually applies.

Number 20: Maryland -- "Maryland, Oh Maryland"

Our take: The song is sung to the melody of "O Tannenbaum." Nice originality, Maryland.

Number 19: Maine -- "The Maine Song"

Our take: Kinda rousing in a rooting-for-a-football-team-in-1920 way.

Number 18: Louisiana -- "Give Me Louisiana"

Our take: This tune has lyrics, but we couldn't find a single version on YouTube with anyone singing them; the clip above is an instrumental. For a state that's given us as much amazing music as Louisiana, that's pretty sad.

Number 17: Kentucky -- "My Old Kentucky Home"

Our take: Stephen Foster's ditty has a rightful place among the greatest American tunes. Only number seventeen, Ranker Nation? Really?

Continue to keep counting down the twenty best state songs according to Ranker.

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