Vince McMahon vs. Stan Kroenke: a win-win situation

A WWE image pimping a "faceoff" between angelic "Vince McMahon" and devilsh "Kroenke."
A WWE image pimping a "faceoff" between angelic "Vince McMahon" and devilsh "Kroenke."

Maybe Vince McMahon, the feverish frontman for World Wrestling Entertainment, isn't a steroid-addled loon -- or at least he's managed to channel any rage he might be feeling for whatever reason into pure, self-promotional bliss. Ever since word broke that a Nuggets playoff game on Monday conflicted with a previously scheduled WWE Raw event, McMahon has been in publicity-whore overdrive, ripping Nugs-and-Pepsi Center owner Stan Kroenke with undisguised delight. And expect the hype to continue for the next several days, as McMahon pimps Monday's episode, now slated for the Staples Center -- home of the Nuggets' opponent, the Los Angeles Lakers. McMahon promises plenty of satire about the double booking, including a confrontation between him and a surrogate for Kroenke, who he continues to call "Kronski" on an intermittent basis.

Is this pronunciation supposed to be insulting, or is it merely evidence of repeated brain farts? Knowing for certain what goes on inside McMahon's head is damn near impossible. But there's no avoiding what comes out of his mouth, especially if you check out his press conference about the L.A. move, accessible by clicking here. That's the plan, Stan.

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