Was Jimi Hendrix a Mexican?

Dear Mexican: In the biography of Rolling Stones guitarist Ronnie Wood, he describes Jimi Hendrix as part black, Cherokee and Mexican. I've always heard about Jimi's grandmother being Cherokee, but this was the first I'd read about him being Mexican. I Googled Hendrix's name with the word "Mexican" and received many hits. Is this another mentira originated by Mexicans — like Anthony Quinn's supposed real last name being Quintana?

El Habrano

Dear Wab: Man, the locuras some people believe and repeat, ¿qué no? I've seen mentions of Hendrix's supposed Mexican heritage everywhere from the aforementioned Ronnie: The Autobiography to mainstream American newspapers to even the bloody BBC. But don't believe what you find on the Internet: It's only good for dailyrotten.com and reading my column. I have no idea why or when people began believing Hendrix was part wab, but the rumor's been around since at least the late 1990s. The closest I can peg him to possessing any Mexican roots is gracias to Charles R. Cross's 2005 book, Room Full of Mirrors: A Biography of Jimi Hendrix. In it, Cross cites an interview Hendrix once gave in which he remembered how one grandmother gave him a "little Mexican jacket with tassels" as a child and he was ridiculed for it. Cross also found a Hendrix diary entry that mentions his "Mexican mustache." Cross's bio is a must-have for any music fan, since it's the best of the many Hendrix books out there, and he also gives the most thorough genealogy of Hendrix's family I've seen, going back through both sets of grandparents. The guitarist did indeed possess gabacho, negrito, Canadian and Cherokee blood, but no Mexican sangre whatsoever.


Jimi Hendrix

Mexicans claiming a major historical figure as one of their own is nothing nuevo. I've read that Thomas Alva Edison was from Zacatecas, that Walt Disney was the bastard child of a Mexican and that Jessica Alba wants her baby to be Mexican. Wishful thinking, all of it, just like the many gabachos who insist that a Cherokee princess is in their family tree (never mind that the Cherokees had no such royalty). In fact, the only crypto-Mexican who's ever panned out is also the most unlikely: Ted Williams. Yep, America, Teddy Ballgame's mami was May Veznor of Ciudad Juárez, Mexico.

Dear Mexican: I hope the Mexicans are more productive in other parts of the United States than where I'm from. The surge of illegals in Topeka twenty years ago produced a worthless bunch of dropouts.

What's the Matter With Kansas?

Dear Gabacho: I don't think it's so much that Mexican culture creates losers; rather, it's that the illegals you mentioned lived in Topeka.


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