Waving the Flag for a New Coolarado Emoji

Waving the Flag for a New Coolarado Emoji

Things change quickly in Denver. Anyone who’s lived here for more than a few weeks has already figured that out — probably while they were throwing an umbrella, some sunscreen, a sweatshirt and a swimsuit into their backpack for the weekend. And longtime residents and natives, well, they can barely figure out what state they’re in when they wake up in the morning. But the weather isn’t the only thing that’s constantly revolving — and evolving. Construction zones, pot laws, public art, local sports heroes, rent and housing costs — even the draft lineup at your favorite craft brewery — all involve a constant learning curve.Since Coloradans like to stay busy, there’s not always time to fully hash out the details of the latest change. But we also like to stay connected. One of the best ways to do that is with the expressive emoji on our phones or computers, the ones that help us express a thought without spelling it out. So we recently came up with a set of Twelve Colorado Emoji That Everyone From Denver Needs.

Now, thanks to Omar, we have a thirteenth.

Waving the Flag for a New Coolarado Emoji

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