Westword iPhone App: We now live in your phone

Westword iPhone App: We now live in your phone

Westword -- thirty-plus years your weekly, ink-stained guide to Denver -- now lives in your iPhone. For free. The Westword iPhone app went live last night and is stocked with much of the same content you get here at westword.com.

More specifically, you'll find:

• Denver's most complete restaurant guide, with thousands of restaurants organized by cuisine and location. You'll never go hungry again.

• A comprehensive events calendar with hundreds of things to do every day, including concerts, gallery openings, film screenings, pub crawls, sporting events and more.

• Dispatches from concerts, tastings and other parties around town, written by the award-winning Westword staff.

• Slideshows from across Denver featuring the nightlife scene, including concerts, nightclubs, fashion shows and other events.

• A bar and club for every night and every mood.

So: Download it. Like, now. Your life will never be the same. Or something.

(And yes, Droid users, there is a Droid app in the works).


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